Our Current Restoration Project - #579 "An Adventure" By Pearl McGown Episode 1

Hooked rugs can last for decades upon decades with minimal care. 

Sometimes though, they need some help. 

This beautiful, vintage Pearl McGown rug was brought into our shop in need of finishing and repair.  It was made by the Aunt of the husband of the couple who brought it to us.  It sat carefully stored away for 60 years just waiting for some love and care!

This is pattern #579 "An Adventure" by Pearl McGown stamped on vintage burlap.  The pattern is still available today!

The burlap has torn and become brittle with age.  Our first step is to reinforce the outside edge with new, high quality linen.  We mend the tears in the burlap as we encounter them.

 Follow the journey as this rug gets a 2nd chance at life!

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